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The Global Gag Rule led to an estimated 20,000 ADDITIONAL avoidable maternal deaths. -International Planned Parenthood Federation

At least 275,000 pregnant women living with HIV were left WITHOUT access to treatment services due to the Global Gag Rule. -International Planned Parenthood Federation

If the Global Gag Rule was not in place, 3.4 MILLION unsafe abortions could have been prevented. -Marie Stopes International

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70 MILLION fewer condoms were distributed due to the Global Gag Rule. - International Planned Parenthood Federation

20,000 Maternal Deaths - International Planned Parenthood Federation

The Global Gag Rule SHUTTEREDsuccessful PEPFAR HIV prevention programming. - CHANGE & amfAR

The Global Gag Rule BLOCKED access to gender-based violence services for survivors. - Sonke Gender Justice

The Global Gag Rule REDUCEDhealth services for people living in rural areas. - INSPC & Columbia University

The Global Gag Rule DISPROPORTIONATELY impacts LGBTQI+ communities. - amfAR & IWHC


The U.S. has long been a leader in supporting medical care and access to contraception for women and girls around the world. President Donald Trump put our leadership at risk when he issued a presidential memorandum that reinstated and dramatically expanded a policy that cuts almost all U.S. global health funding to providers, clinics, and other health organizations abroad if they provide any visitor with information about abortion. The policy dictates how organizations can spend their own money, and, because it limits free speech, it is commonly called the global gag rule.

Under the global gag rule, other countries’ health organizations must provide services based on U.S. politics and not on standards of medical care. Research shows when the global gag rule is in effect, the number of abortions increase and women and girls suffer.

While President Biden has rescinded the global gag rule, without permanently repealing the policy, future presidents can reinstate the policy, interrupting health services and raising the rates of maternal death. It is time to permanently end gag now and support women, girls, and their families around the world.